Looking Ahead With Optimism For LA Investors In 2017

My name is Lisa Hoegler and I proudly run the LA South Real Estate Investors Association (LA South REIA).

Looking Ahead With Optimism For LA Investors In 2017

Lisa Hoegler, LA South Real Estate Investors Association

As a native of Southern California, I returned to the Southland in 2013, bringing with me over 13 years of experience as an investor. Since that time, I have focused solely on my personal investing career and building LA’s most active real estate investing community.

I am beyond grateful to be part of Southern California’s dynamic and vibrant investing community. This role has allowed me to develop excellent relationships locally with investors, buyers, sellers, lenders, inspectors, vendors and contractors. At our REIA meetings I often stress that investing is a “team sport.” Running the REIA has allowed me to surround myself with nothing short of an All-Star Team.

As we move into 2017, experts in the housing and real estate investment communities forecast great opportunities this coming year (the links below).

As I write my first blog here, I agree that 2017 will be an exciting year for investors both locally and across the country. Despite several strong years for investors here in Southern California, my optimism about our market remains high.

Here is why optimism for investors is high in Southern California

  • Continued low inventories are expected to keep prices high as demand remains strong, benefitting our flippers and wholesalers for at least another year.
  • Further, I do not anticipate interest rates changing dramatically until Ms. Yellen’s tenure concludes in early 2018, benefitting both investors looking to lock-in terms and retail buyers who can afford more house.
  • Lastly, the proliferation of creative lending available (both private and institutional) shows no signs of slowing and will provide the needed capital to investors who can get their hands on great deals.

Though the market is expected to perform to the benefit of experienced investors, I caution those who are newer and have never experienced a cycle of market correction.

As we nudge toward the top of this seller’s market, now more than ever, stick to your numbers and evaluate your risk.

This is the time in the market cycle where investors tend to overpay and/or underestimate their potential hold times if the market begins to fall. To stay safe, use conservative sales comps and steer away from speculative investments.

I believe we are in for a terrific and profitable year! To get connected to our thriving investment community, visit us at one of the many monthly LA South REIA events.

LA South REIA is a resource to its members and the community alike. Locally and national experts speak educate our members at over 60 events each year. Between the educational opportunities and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the Los Angeles area, you and your real estate business will thrive with our deal-maker community. Other perks of membership include access to: vendor discounts, deal funding, consulting and mentoring services. Please feel free to contact me personally for any questions you may have or simply to discuss the REIA further.


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